Kunstverein Freiburg 
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Magda Laguinge by Charlie Engman for The Room magazine #18 Fall/Winter 2013-2014
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Reading peoples picture captions and feeling embarrassed for them.

swearin’- movie star

this song is me in a nutshell.


getting called ugly by ugly people is so surreal 

lets not standardize attractiveness.


Watching two girls one cup
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When your friends breath stank.
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Anonymous asked:
I wish I could love you.

I wish I could love myself.

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When people say they are vegetarian but eat fish. -dafukwrongwitu


"ali b, beloved friend and cyclist was struck by a drunk driver in a honda element around 10pm saturday night. she is currently awake and doing better, but has a skull fracture, a compression fracture in her spine, broken ribs and bruising. she also has no memory of the event that landed her in the hospital. this fundraiser is to help her and her family pay for essential living expenses and expenses associated with her making a full recovery. please help a fellow cyclist in need...”

Please help out a very lovely gnv resident. I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting her a couple times, but my close friend(s) always tell me how lovely she is. We want to make sure she has a speedy recovery, donate if you can.

Help spread the word by reblogging, fuck drunk drivers and watch out for cyclists.

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